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Bean Fair

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The first Bean Fair of St. Llorenç took place in 1999, since then it has been held every first Sunday of March.

During the day the village plays host to about sixty different artisanal stalls, from the Alt Empordà and further afield. In the main square you can buy locally produced “Ganxet” white beans. If you want to “tray before you buy” you can buy them with a sausage, bread and “Allioli”, a type of garlic mayonnaise.

Since 2007 the art of charcoal burning has been restored in the village. From the end of January a dedicated group of people begin to prepare the wood needed and the burn the charcoal. It is 100% Oak and can be bought at the Bean Fair.

In recent years two competitions have been inaugurated; one to see who can eat the most cooked beans as possible in a limited amount of time and the second to see who can spit a dried bean as far as possible. There is also a collectors corner for Cava (Catalan Champagne) bottle seals. Every year the collectors present a seal to commemorate that year's fair.

The fair is organised by the St. Llorenç football club, with support from the local village council.

From the end of January until the day of the BEAN FAIR there are various popular activities which are open to locals & visitors alike;

- Construction of the Charcoal Burner. 

- Lighting of the fire.

- Burning the Charcoal. 

- A “Calçotada” (cooking and eating the typical long onions, with a special type of sauce), which is open to all. 

- Collecting the Charcoal.


The programme for the BEAN FAIR consist of;

- Artisanal stalls in the centre of the old village.

- Sale of Beans & the locally made Charcoal.

- Bean tasting with Sausages & “Allioli”.

- Collections of Cava bottle seals.

- A Spitting the Bean Competition.

- A Bean Eating Competition.

For more information go to, or telephone 972.56.91.40


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