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  • Sant Llorenç de la Muga
  • Sant Llorenç de la Muga
  • Sant Llorenç de la Muga
  • Sant Llorenç de la Muga
  • Sant Llorenç de la Muga

An Enchanting Village

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In the district of the ‘Alt Empordà’, St Llorenç de la Muga is situated in the upper valley of the river Muga, a district also known as the ‘Empordà’ of mountains or the ‘Garrotxa d’Empordà because of its situation in the Mountains.

The village is sited in a pronounced meander of the river, which runs through the municipality for 11km. The clear pools of the river invite one to bathe in them.

The walled mediaeval centre of the village is outstanding because of the careful conservation of most of the houses.

Walking through the centre of the village you will discover delightful little corners which are part of the village history; the walls, the three gateways, various circular and square towers which are built into the walls (as are some of the houses) the parish Church and the canal which passes to the north of the walls, all built of the same stone. Beside the canal you will find the old washing places, both public and private.

Outside the walls the 13th century castle of St. Llorenç de la Muga, now owned privately, and the Guaita (lookout or Moorish) tower complete a strong defensive system, sophisticated for that era.

With a population of just over 230, St Llorenç maintains a peaceful and welcoming rural atmosphere, open to visitors, with a variety of activities throughout the year.

The mountains of St Llorenç de la Muga, with a huge range of rural roads, footpaths and forest trails allow one to enjoy this unspoiled region throughout the year. There are many different, well signed routes to follow on foot or on mountain bike, suitable for all levels of experience; the GR II, the mountain bike Trans Pyrenean route, the nature route of the Muga, the local trails, or the Salines Bassegoda trail for mountain biking.

Other seasonal activities are; hunting (shooting wild boar) in the winter, fishing and fungi collecting in the autumn and as always in the spring and summer swimming in the river, or just enjoying the area.

Spread through this landscape of mountains and river you will find little treasures such as the chapel of St. Jordi, the shrine of St. Ponç, the chapel and natural spring of Palau, and beside the river the chapel and bridge of St. Antoni, the Old Bridge and the lion spring.

St Llorenç offers a peaceful place in which to enjoy nature all year round, with the family, as a couple or with friends.

After your first visit we are sure you will want to return.


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